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At Lowcountry Moving & Storage, taking the stress out of moving is what we do best. As local movers in Atlanta, we handle residential and commercial moves daily and help our customers achieve peace of mind when it comes to the relocation of their belongings. Moving is often thought to be a high-stress event, but with our signature white-glove service, the experience can be unlike any you’ve encountered before. Our professional movers can handle everything from packing boxes and organizing labels to the safe delivery and unloading of your items at your new home or office.

White Glove Moving & Storage Services

We refer to our service as being “white glove” because we understand that your household items and personal belongings mean something to you, and we want to offer the same level of care and respect that you would give yourself. During the moving process, we’ll create a plan to ensure the safe travel of breakable or valuable items and take precautionary measures to ensure that your existing and new homes don’t take the brunt of your move. We’ll ensure that walls, stairs, and thresholds won’t get scraped or scratched and that you can begin life in your new home without any added stress. Our optional premium packing service ensures that every item receives adequate protection prior to going in the box. Once we arrive at your new home or office, our team will take special care in moving boxes inside and placing any furniture items in specific locations.

Movers Atlanta

A trusted moving company in Atlanta, GA should be able to offer solutions for any moving inquiry, and LCWS Moving & Storage doesn’t miss a beat. If you have items that require long or short-term storage, we have warehouse storage options that can accommodate everything from regular household boxes to large commercial equipment.

Three Ways We Can Move You

  • Placing items inside of a trailer offers a cost-effective way to move, especially if you are moving items of less value. Your items will be placed inside the trailer along with those of other customers in order to save on transportation costs, however, this could mean that items need to be unloaded and reloaded a few times before your final destination. While not common, items can sometimes get mixed up with those of other customers and there is a higher risk of accidental damage compared to other moving options.
  • Shipping your items inside of a container is a faster method that improves the level of safety during transport. Once loaded, your container is locked and you’ll hang on to the key to ensure that no one else has access to your belongings before they reach your new place. Container delivery is usually between 7-14 days and you can pre-book so that the delivery date works with the rest of your moving schedule.
  • The fastest and safest option altogether is to have your items moved by a dedicated truck. The same team members that load the truck will be there at your new home or office to unload, and you’ll be able to converse with the driver to ensure you know where your items are at all times. This A to B service is the most common method for good reason and can help to remove all of the usual stress associated with your move.

Trust Lowcountry Moving & Storage For Your Next Move

LCWS Moving & Storage is a dedicated team of local movers in Atlanta, and whether you’re moving across town or International, our movers in Atlanta’s white glove service has been designed to aid in a positive moving experience. Contact our team today by calling (888) 248-MOVE to get a quote for your move in as little as 24 hours. You can also get in touch with the owner directly at (843) 725-8403.

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