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Local & Long Distance Moving Company In Charleston

Local & Long Distance Moving Services

Need to move your house, apartment or condo?
Call LCWS Moving and Storage to work with a trusted local and long distance moving company in Charleston, SC and make your move a successful one. We will safely wrap your furniture with professional moving pads, plastic wrap and other protective supplies. Our residential movers will disassemble and reassemble your beds and other pieces of furniture that requires it. For every local & long-distance move we provide wardrobe boxes so you can transport your clothes safely and fast.
Did you just have your carpet cleaned or you have very nice hardwood floor?
No problem! As part of our residential moving services in Charleston, SC, we strive to protect your carpet and hardwood floor with special supplies that don’t need to be requested prior to the move and we provide it for free of charge. Our local Charleston movers would also protect your front door and doorway in order to avoid damaging that since everything has to go through a front door. For big houses our local and long distance moving company in Charleston can provide free onsite estimates, where our professional moving estimator provide you with estimated price and not-to-exceed price, which includes all the fees and charges. LCWS Moving and Storage has over 93% return customer rate and keep proudly delivering premium local & long-distance moving service in Charleston, SC.
Moving Services Charleston

Moving to another city or state?

We're Here to Help You Move!

Let our residential movers move you safe. Lowcountry Warehouse Services knows how LONG DISTANCE MOVING companies should operate. We know how to provide the best residential moving services and put you, the customer, first during long distance moves. With us you can always track your Long Distance Movers from Charleston and call office and even your driver for any updates. Moving Long Distance with us we guarantee delivering your belongings on time. Our movers in Charleston are trained and know how to wrap furniture for long distance moves, which is slightly different from regular wrapping for local moves.

There are 3 different ways to move your belongings:

  • Trailer Moves
  • Container Delivery
  • Dedicated Truck Delivery​

This residential moving service option usually the cheapest and most risky. When you do long distance moving with trailer you need to know few things. Your items will be moving cross country with few other customers belongings in the same trailer. Truck will be making stops for unloads and new loads, it means your items might be moved or reloaded multiple times. It will increase possibility of damages and mixing your things with other customers, it doesn’t usually happen but there is a possibility of it. How it works our Charleston movers will come and load your items either directly to a trailer if it is available right away or in one of our local trucks and then transfer it to a trailer. You will be given a time frame when your items will be delivered usually it is 1-3 weeks, driver would usually call you 2 days ahead of time to inform about delivery that you cannot miss, because deliveries with trailers are no flexible. If you miss it, truck will pass your unload and you will need to wait more, also additional chargers might be applied depends on the carrier. This option usually the most affordable however it proved to be the longest and less safe from 2 other options.

Contained delivery is safe and sometimes more expensive then trailer delivery, but safer and faster. Our Charleston residential moving company will come and protect all your furniture and large pieces, container will be delivered to your door (if city allows) or we will load your items in one of our local trucks and after take it to container facility. What makes this option safe is that you are the only one who has the key for container and the only one who can access your items. Delivery takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days and sometimes we can store for 1 month for free. This option is very popular. We perform this residential moving service about once a week and it has proven to be very convenient for customers since you can choose a delivery date.

This is the fastest delivery you can get. We use the 400NGweight based FMSCA Tariff. The FMCSA are fair and upstanding national regulators. They want customers to be happy, and drivers to follow the rules, and be safe. Our movers will load your belongings to the truck which will have only your items in there. Once truck is loaded it would hit the road towards delivery destination. We will be driving 500-650 miles per day in order to get your belongings to drop off address as soon as possible. You will get the same crew at the loading and unloading point which makes your move smoother and easier. You can always in contact with our driver and receive the latest updates about location of your belongings. We always keep all New Leased trucks well maintained in order to avoid any problems on the road to provide the best residential moving services in Charleston, SC.

To know the price for your upcoming long distance move please contact us. Our specialists will be able to provide you with a price and other details. You can also email us your: pick up address, drop off address and list of the items moving and receive a price for your move within 24 hours.

We offer international moving services too!

LCWS is an authorized International Shipping Agent. We understand the complexity of moving from the US to another country and would like to be the local and long distance moving company from Charleston to assist in transporting your household goods safely. Your problems can easily be resolved by letting LCWS Moving & Storage's residential movers help with transporting your shipment to your new home. Speak to your moving consultant about an international shipping referral today.

Moving stress is at an all time high, most especially when moving out of the country. LCWS Moving & Storage is pleased to accommodate customers looking to move out of the USA by tanking our Charleston residential moving services worldwide!

Our moving consultants will be with you from start to finish and guarantees that your possessions are handled with the utmost care.

LCWS Moving consultants can arrange to meet you in your home or office to determine the requirements for your move, and your individual needs.
We will also provide you with information regarding:
- Customs
- Time Lines
- Packing & Unpacking
- Insurance
- Storage

What to Expect From Our Residental Moving Services:

LCWS will not do anything that we feel is unsafe.

  • LCWS will not take a truck off pavement, on steep grades or over freshly graveled driveways.
  • LCWS shall not be responsible for damage to items requiring special instructions if customer fails to provide such instructions including, disassembly or assembly of said items and any special preparation required, please note that we will request customer signature for an LCWS waiver, if said should occur.
  • LCWS will not connect/disconnect dishwasher, laundry washer, laundry dryers, ice makers, etc.  Any assistance we give only as a courtesy.  Water and drain connections are the responsibility the use, please note that we will request customer signature for an LCWS waiver, if said should be requested.
  • LCWS will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to the following, please note that we will request customer signature for an LCWS waiver, if said should occur:
    • Standing furniture on end
    • Sharp turns, over-crowded work areas and tight squeezes
    • Difficult stairways
    • Snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways
    • Handing over balconies, railings, etc.
    • Damage caused by weather
  • If the customer requests work other than what is stated in the contract or agreed estimate, LCWS reserves the right to fulfill original obligations before completing any additional work, please note that additional fees may apply.
  • LCWS reserves the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time, which will result in no liability, if there is inclement weather such as rain, snow, ice, etc.
  • We reserve the right to send extra men to complete a job in 8 working clock hours or if the job is running past 5:00pm, please note that the customer will be charge accordingly.
  • Customers must pay in full at finish of job and any damage claims must be noted on the contract and followed up by the customer in writing to the office.

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